Monte Venda Breeding

The Azienda Agricola Monte Venda has a zootechnical division where pigs, chickens, cockerels, guinea fowls, pheasants, quails, ducks (mallards) and rabbits are bred.

While pigs are used to make sausages and various cured meats, over a cost and ground, all the other animals have been used for the spit and grilled all strictly on brazier of wood.

Crayfish (lobsters) in freshwater tanks are of particular importance. This is breeding in aquaponics.

The crayfish has become famous throughout the world in a modern closed control system in which the resources and investments for their growth were measured by the nitrates derived from the process of converting the ammonia produced by the shrimps.

These lobsters are provided by the farm for theme nights in which they prepare sauces based on lobsters, extremely tasty and delicate.