Agritourism Alto Venda

"Se solo potessi mostrarti il secondo Elicona che per te e per le Muse ho allestito nei Colli Euganei penso proprio che di lì non vorresti mai più andartene"

The Monte Venda Farm offers its customers high quality food products. For company choice pesticides or poisons of any kind are not used on olive trees nor on fruit trees and on all vegetables. The spearhead of the farm is the crayfish shrimp breeding in aquaponics, which provides the farm with both prawns (lobsters) for theme evenings and vegetables of the highest order covered products according to a cycle and an eco chain sustainable.


The Farm Monte Venda has its own agritourism, called Alto Venda, which has got a brand new panoramic dining room overlooking the valleys towards the South ....


The Agriturismo Alto Venda has 5 rooms with internal toilets, to accommodate customers in a naturalistic setting among the most fascinating of the Euganean Hills.


Our farm borders the paths of Monte Venda and you can follow them for long, healthy and relaxing walks.


Discover our offers. Evenings, lunches, events on Monte Venda and in our Panoramic Terrace.


Olive Trees Fruit Trees and Vegetables grown on our property. Healthy products used in our kitchen.


The Azienda Agricola Monte Venda owns an animal farm, where pigs, cockerels, chickens, guinea fowls, pheasants, quails, ducks (mallards) and rabbits are bred, as well as breeding in freshwater crayfish tanks.